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In south-east of Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania, West Africa, lies Matamoulana, a small village of the Saharan-Sahelian desert. 130 kilometers of paved road, along the locally famous "Route de l'espoir or Hope Roads " followed by 50 kilometers of a sandy, jolty track: And there we get in a little less than three hours, just what it is takes to keep clear... The village extends north to south, on approximately two kilometers, between two outlying sand dunes. Streets, clearly cut out, are cleaned regularly; there are trees everywhere, and an apparent electrical supply network indicates, from the onset, a rare preoccupation with urbanization in such untamed regions.


View of the village Mauritania map

Founder, the late  Sheikh Mohammed Mishry

The pilot project of Maatamoulana aims at the development of the applications of the New Technologies as regards to education, télémédecine, community Internet in the village of Matamoulana (south of Mauritania) which has already a basic infrastructure (access to the telephone GSM and connection Internet with high flow by mini-Vsat). The village of 3000 inhabitants has 3 primary schools, a college, a center of vocational training (under development) as well as Mahadra , a university of teaching of the Arab and Islamic culture. The village has one of the highest female education rate in Africa, A health center animated by two professionals ensures the services for nearly 5 000 inhabitants (local population and surrounding villages).

The immediate objectives are to ensure the full use of the capacities installed to allow the populations to profit from the services associated with the Information and Communication Technology (Community Internet, visibility of the village community on the Web for the sharing of knowledge with the rest of the world in particular in the applications of tele-medicine and e-learning). We are holding somewhat aloof from the contemporary whirl and thus, manage to develop a difference which to you, may well prove enriching. Love and peace for all.

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